Snoopy Kennel is a home based kennel situated St. Clements, Ontario, Canada on a 1.6 acre property which gives a big playground for our dogs. 

Our goal is to breed well socialized, healthy, beautiful Hungarian Pulik.

We started our kennel with 3 dogs:Vizsla Villa Kormos (Canadian born black sire);Cseri-Subas Cuki (black dam imported from Hungary) and Ludas Matyi Dézi (black dam imported from Hungary)

As breeders we are constantly striving to produce the best quality Puli. We breed pedigree registered Pulik for all purposes, whether it be for a family pet, a show dog or as an obedience or agility companion.

We will test our stock for hip dysplasia and will eye test, though there are no major health problems known within this breed.

We are member of CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), Puli Canada and we applied for a Puli America membership.